Tuesday, March 24, 2009

myinstantwin.com message board

I am an online instant win game addict and have been for many, many years. There are many places on the web to learn about legit instant win games. One of my favorites for a long time was myinstantwin.com but for some reason starting last July, the owner stopped updating the site. I am not sure why it happened and hope that all is ok with her. It was due to her site that I won many, many items over the years.

However, the members of myinstantwin.com's message board have continued to update the board with the newest and latest legit instant win games. The best way to learn about legit instant win games is word of mouth on message boards that has lots of members! More boards are listed at the bottom of this posting. I am going to tell you about the message board itself, how to play, and some of the things I have won.

  1. You need to go to http://myinstantwin.com/message/YaBB.pl
  2. Then you need to click on Instant Wins
  3. Click on Instant Win Game Page
On this page you will see a list of the games that you can play. These are all legit games where you can really win cash and prizes. Some prizes are digital (like music downloads, wallpaper, etc) and others are actual material items (like t-shirts, coupons for free stuff, cell phones, and ever cash!).

The folks at the board are really nice, so if you are having a problem or not understanding how to play a game (I have been playing these games for 13 years and I still have problems sometimes) then register an account on the board and as for some help! They are great and someone will help you!

I have won lots of little things through out the years but the two biggest wins I have had are $500 cash I won last October from Kibbles N Bits dog food and a Nintendo DS about a year ago from Ball Park Hot Dogs.

Now for this past month I have won a few single candy bars from Mars, a Playstation 2 and thre games from Little Ceasars and Pepsi, a t-shirt from Castrol, a bottle of Vitamin D from Wellesee and $50 cash from Family Dollar and General Mills and the month ain't over yet!!

Two other places I frequent for legit instant win games is Contests - Sweepstakes
at YDS boards

Good luck and have fun with it!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ok so now the bad news

Long story short, I am once again a smoker. I am so disappointed in myself. However I am not going to give up! I am going to keep trying until I quit.

My best friend and I are going to attend a hypnosis session on April 3rd to quit smoking. Until then I am going to keep reading my book and who knows, maybe I will quit before then!

Upcoming reviews

I thought that I would post a little list of upcoming reviews so y'all will know what to expect.

In the next few weeks I will be reviewing the Made By Me Product line (candles, lip balms, soaps, etc), Kids, Kritters, and Families Too Photography (we just had our pictures done today! Can't wait to get them!), The Coupon Mom website, eHow, Portrait Innovations Photography, Wii Fit, plus any small businesses that I come across.

Also within the next week or so I will be hosting a giveaway featuring some of the products that I have reviewed! Be on the look out!

Donna's Common Scents Goat Milk Soap

Today I am going to review Donn's Common Scents Goat Milk Soap. The sample that I am reviewing is the Tea Tree Goats milk soap.

I gotta tell you, this stuff is awesome! I have never, ever in my life used goats milk soap before. I am a serious body washaholic so I tend to shy away from bar soap. But lemme tell you I may never use body wash again!

Ok first off, the stuff lathers really nice. The smell is great! We have a shower/bath combo with a sliding door so the shower/bath can be completely cut off from the rest of the bathroom. I keep it closed when not in use. When I opened it to take my shower I discovered the most pleasant aroma of tea tree wafting from the shower area! It was cool!

I am used to have a residue on my skin after using a body wash. I never liked the residue but just figure that is was par for the course because the few times I used bar soap I would get it too. However, this soap washes cleanly away with no residue what so ever.

I also used it for shaving my legs. It worked quite well, the razor just glided over my skin so nicely!

Donna's prices are VERY fair and she is a really nice lady, so if you are interested in checking the soap out, contact her! Her website info is in the post below this one.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Donna's Common Scents

Today my family and I visited the The Indoor Fleamarket in Akron, Ohio. While there I was drawn to a lovely booth run by Donna of Donna's Common Scents. I noticed that she had a wide variety of many lovely smelling items. She also had super great prices which is awesome in my book! She makes 100% soy candles and they are very cute!

I opted to purchase 3 sample candles. Today I will be reviewing the Hot Cocoa candle I bought.

First of all isn't this the cutest thing you have ever seen!?! i would love to know how she makes those little marshmallows! Here is the way it looks unlit.
Yeah I realize that I should have taken a photo before I lit it but it just smelled so good that I couldn't wait! The smell is just so wonderful and travels far within the house. I am downstairs in our sub level right now. The candle is burning upstairs in the kitchen and I can smell it as if it were right here in the room with me. And these candles are seriously long burning. I lit this sample candle at least two hours ago and it is still going strong. Looks like i will have enough left to burn all day tomorrow!

I have two other candles that I purchased from Donna that I will be reviewing later this week Donna also makes Goat Milk Soap, which I just happen to have a bar, so I will be reviewing that this week as well. I have never used Goat Milk soap so I am very interested to see what it is like. It smells great! Check back for those!

And if you want to get your hands on some of these wonderful candles or any of the other items that Donna makes (gift baskets, goats milk soap, sachets, etc) check out Donna's website; Donna's Common Scents

Well I am a non-smoker

and while it is rough it is not half as bad as it has been in previous attempts. I keep the book handy so when I get a real strong urge to smoke I whip it open to my favorite, what I feel most encouraging chapter and read it.

I must say it has been amazing today. I had smoked for 22 years. Today was the first day I can remember that I have not coughed one time. My husband smokes and he reaks! Can't believe that I smelled liked that and never, ever noticed! Yuck!

Also I have been having problems with my voice. It's been fading in and out for the past couple months. Today my voice has been normal, not one fade!

This is awesome! While it is rough in spots the benefits that I am seeing already far outweigh the urge to light one up. After all non-smokers don't smoke and I am now a non-smoker! Yay for me!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Yeah well

Today I am not a non-smoker but it has nothing to do with the book. I never got to finish the book last night and the book states that you are not to quit until you finish the book.

Now mind you, I did not intentionality not finish the book. While waiting for my husband to come home so I could start dinner, my 2 year old daughter and I began playing a game of chase. So my daughter being 2 decided to play let's look over my shoulder and not look at where I am going. Before I had a chance to tell her to stop and watch where she was going, bomb! She ran right into the wall. She was just turning her head to see where she was heading when she hit the wall. Poor kid looked like a unicorn she got such a large lump on her forehead. To make a long story short, I called the nurse to see what I need to to watch for (in case she had a concussion. Yeah she hit it that hard.). So anyway I had to keep her close to me last night, also had to wake her up throughout the night to make sure she would wake up. No time to finish my book!

I am happy to report that Lily is fine. The bump on her head is now almost gone. And I will be able to finish my book tonight, which is awesome.

The thing about this book is it makes you want to quit. I am so excited by it and cannot wait! Why not do it now, you ask? Well, the author states repeatedly in the book that if you quit before you finish the book chances are you will fail to quit. I don't want to gamble and have yet another failed attempt at quitting. This time it is for good.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday!