Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Silk Naturals Pure Mineral Makeup

I love this stuff! Goes on great, does not look cakey at all. As an added bonus it is Bismuth-free!

And here before your very eyes you can see how well it works!

To the right are my tools for this demonstration. A mini Kabuki brush and a sample of Silk Naturals Pure Mineral Makeup Ivory Foundation.

Now you must bare with me. It is laundry day and I look a
serious mess so I will not be doing this demo on my face. Instead I will be using my hand. You will have to wait for another day to see my hotness (insert sarcasm here lol!).

This mineral makeup is not hard to apply at all. Make sure that you exfoliate your skin first. Then apply a light moisturizer. Allow a few minutes to soak into your skin. If there is excess moisturizer left on your face (um or hand in my case!) blot gently to remove with a tissue or cloth.

Next pour a small amount into the lid, just a small amount! You do not need a lot to get good coverage. Next, you want to swirl the brush around in the lid to pick up the mineral makeup. Tap the brush gently on the lip of the lid to remove the excess. Now buff it on to your face, using a swirling motion. For more info on how to apply mineral makeup see my article on eHow How to Apply Mineral Makeup.

Add as many layers as you need for the coverage you want. Here is the finished project. What do you think?

If you would like to check out Silk Naturals line of products please visit

And if you would like to read about how to choose a mineral makeup please see my article at eHow How to Choose Mineral Makeup


  1. Wow looks like great makeup. I can see the difference in the color on your hand.

  2. Wow...I can see a huge difference!