Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Review of the Swiffer Sweeper 2 in 1 Starter Kit

Well I must say that I was pretty excited to get my hands on one of these! I thought that this would be something great that would cut done on my cleaning time and would help with little messes that happened through out the day.

However, I was less than impressed after trying it.

Let's first start from the beginning. It was easy enough to put together. As you can see the pieces are pretty explanatory. Putting the dry cloth on it is a little bit of an adventure though! You have to be careful and not get your fingers caught in the catches that hold the cloth in place. Besides that it was quite easy.

While the dry cloth did pick up a lot of stuff off my floor (things I didn't even know that I had on my floor!) and was great for getting under things that I can't get under with a broom I found that it did not pick up everything that I hoped it would.

Little pieces of this and that were still left all over the floor still calling for the need of my trusty ole broom and dust pan.

Next, I decided to give the wet mop cloth a try. Upon opening the package a large amount of cleaning solution drops on the floor and my socks. Not a big deal, at least I know the pad is well saturated. The mop pad has a scrubbing pad on it that I thought (note the word thought) was pretty cool. Attaching this pad was about as hard as the dry pad, but you have to make sure that you have the scrubber in the right place.

Using it was pretty easy except for trying to use the scrubber on it. Every which way I would turn to try to scrub the floor the silly thing would flip on me. I finally reached down and held it so I could see how well the scrubber, well scrubbed. Yeah, not so great at all. It lifted nothing off the floor at all with the scrubber. I had more luck with my fingernail.

The wet mop works well on light dirt. However with the wet mop nor the sweeper did I see any deep corner cleaning at all. As a matter of fact all either did was push dirt into my corners. Looks like I will have to get my scrub brush out and clean those in the morning. The wet mop solution does leave a nice scent that lasts for a bit.

All in all I am very disappointed in the product and will not purchase again.

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