Sunday, March 15, 2009

Donna's Common Scents

Today my family and I visited the The Indoor Fleamarket in Akron, Ohio. While there I was drawn to a lovely booth run by Donna of Donna's Common Scents. I noticed that she had a wide variety of many lovely smelling items. She also had super great prices which is awesome in my book! She makes 100% soy candles and they are very cute!

I opted to purchase 3 sample candles. Today I will be reviewing the Hot Cocoa candle I bought.

First of all isn't this the cutest thing you have ever seen!?! i would love to know how she makes those little marshmallows! Here is the way it looks unlit.
Yeah I realize that I should have taken a photo before I lit it but it just smelled so good that I couldn't wait! The smell is just so wonderful and travels far within the house. I am downstairs in our sub level right now. The candle is burning upstairs in the kitchen and I can smell it as if it were right here in the room with me. And these candles are seriously long burning. I lit this sample candle at least two hours ago and it is still going strong. Looks like i will have enough left to burn all day tomorrow!

I have two other candles that I purchased from Donna that I will be reviewing later this week Donna also makes Goat Milk Soap, which I just happen to have a bar, so I will be reviewing that this week as well. I have never used Goat Milk soap so I am very interested to see what it is like. It smells great! Check back for those!

And if you want to get your hands on some of these wonderful candles or any of the other items that Donna makes (gift baskets, goats milk soap, sachets, etc) check out Donna's website; Donna's Common Scents


  1. That is too cute. I bet it does smell great. Can't wait to read the goat milk soap review.

  2. I love candles, too! It's very cute. I'm also looking forward to hearing what you think about goat milk soap.

  3. I've seen candles like that before. We had a couple that looked like blueberry and cherry pie and came in an antique looking bowl. They smell fabulous! I can definitely understand why you couldn't wait to burn it!

  4. Hey Hollie! I just wanted to let you know I chose your blog for the Random Acts of Kindness Friday for Bloggers on Giving Without Spending.

    I hope you get some new readers. :)

  5. Hi Hollie! I came over from Giving Without Spending... Welcome to the blogging world! I look forward to reading your blog more!!!