Sunday, March 22, 2009

Donna's Common Scents Goat Milk Soap

Today I am going to review Donn's Common Scents Goat Milk Soap. The sample that I am reviewing is the Tea Tree Goats milk soap.

I gotta tell you, this stuff is awesome! I have never, ever in my life used goats milk soap before. I am a serious body washaholic so I tend to shy away from bar soap. But lemme tell you I may never use body wash again!

Ok first off, the stuff lathers really nice. The smell is great! We have a shower/bath combo with a sliding door so the shower/bath can be completely cut off from the rest of the bathroom. I keep it closed when not in use. When I opened it to take my shower I discovered the most pleasant aroma of tea tree wafting from the shower area! It was cool!

I am used to have a residue on my skin after using a body wash. I never liked the residue but just figure that is was par for the course because the few times I used bar soap I would get it too. However, this soap washes cleanly away with no residue what so ever.

I also used it for shaving my legs. It worked quite well, the razor just glided over my skin so nicely!

Donna's prices are VERY fair and she is a really nice lady, so if you are interested in checking the soap out, contact her! Her website info is in the post below this one.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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